Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Crazy Vacation!

Oh, to get away and enjoy ourselves in fun!That was my idea and I thought we had won!Now with my sister and her 2 kids and Brothers one in toe!We boarded a plane and we were all set to go!While flying down to Florida, a cry was heard!I looked about and it wasn't a bird!My niece young was holding her ears!Yes, crying with a lot of her tears!The plane had landed, with smoke in the plane!We looked at one another and prayed to stay sane!Then we looked in the airport and burning weeds was the blame!Now, we are dragging our suit cases and I'm really in pain!We finally find the car rental place!Now we arrive at the hotel and try to keep pace!Oh, the kids want to go swimming and we let them!Praying they don't cause any mayhem!My niece brings Miss Piggy Doll and her brother tosses it!She starts hitting him and has a complete fit!My sister her Mother breaks up the fight!She tells them to go out and get out of my sight!We go see a circus grounds and the kids had their faces painted!They looked so cute but, they are not sainted!Now it's getting windy and we decide to go eat!They don't want anyone to see them and that was our defeat!Yes, they came out finally with sad grins they had!Then we realized, the keys was left in the car and that was real bad!We went inside and told one of the waiters, he came out!There the kids were standing and had a big Pout!The rain was pouring down as the guy worked on the door!He finally got it open and we thanked him for that chore!Then we got in the car and the wind was blowing up!We tun on the radio and and a tornado showed-up!Got into the hotel in the nick of time!The lights was all out and we were in a bind!That's when we went to get some flash lights!Lights were on finally man that just bites!Lost our car in the Disney World parking lot!We finally found it, using a plot!The kids wanted to stay in the pool all day!Didn't want to see attractions just wanted to play!Oh, the night we dressed up and went to dine!My niece had cramps and I gave her tums and she felt fine!We sat next to a table with all men eating!Yes, a fart was heard, everyone tuned to her and heard my nieces greeting!The plane ride back it left me thinking!Was it worth coming with kids along and stinking?I'll say it wasn't boring and we did have fun!I don't know if I could handle another one!By Marsha

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Very Interesting Blog! Peace & Hugs Always, Donna Lynn