Thursday, October 30, 2008

What To Give!

My Poem to my Younger Sister, who has been through Hell!

What to give was what I thought. To my Younger Sister who always fought. Remembering when as a little child, she slapped a boy who had punched me wild! I'm thinking her size and being smaller then he, that this was how she was going to be. All through her life she fought battles it's true,and yes, tears shed and feeling more blue. Then her spirit would wake, and for our sake. She'd make us laugh hearty with, her mishaps and folly. What gift do I give? I now know true. I'll give her my love, which she gave me too.I'll give her my shoulder for a few tears to shed. I'll give her some jokes from the thoughts in my head. Yes, tears and laughter we shared through the years, We're showing each other how much we really care.That's the gift of love I'll give to you. You gave it to me my whole life through.

This poem is written for my Sister, Annabelle who has Cancer and had it on and off since she was in her 20's now she is going through stem cell treatments and is in her 50's. She also lost her leg from, Diabette's. Now she died 12/04/07.

By Marsha Neuschwanter

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jane said...

Annabelle was such a beautiful person...I remember her with love! I know her spirit is still looking out for you!! xo!